Event-Driven Insights
Analytics, Alerts, and Data for Investment Research, Investor Relations, and Corporate Governance
Corporate Events
Earnings, Guidance, Dividends, Buybacks, Stock Splits, M&A, Equity and Debt Offerings, Index Changes, FDA, Retail Sales, Management and Board Changes
Over 2,000,000 events, 80 event types, and 500 qualitative & quantitative data points, history since 2007
Proxy Analytics
No-Action Letters, Proxy Filings, Proxy Results, Annual Meetings, Special Meetings, Proxy Voting Records
Over 20,000 proxy meetings, 200,000 proxy proposals, thousands of Shareholder Proposals, and millions of Mutual Funds proxy voting records
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Events, Governance Metrics, Changes to Bylaws, and Analytics
Over 30 distinct corporate governance event types and over 50 qualitative and quantitative governance metrics, covering over 4000 US listed companies
Shareholder Activism
13D Filings, Proxy Contests, Activist Investors, Activist Funds, Activism News, and Research
Over 300 proxy contests, over 200 activist funds managing over $100 billion. Monitor new Hedge Funds as they are being launched.
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